Here are some tips for retaining the savory juiciness of 44 Magnum Grass Fed Meats.

  • An old chefs secret is pre-salting your meat.
    • Allow meat to completely thaw in the refrigerator.
    • To quickly thaw frozen meats, place the vacuum-sealed package in a bowl of warm water. 
    • Using heavy Kosher Salt generously coat each side. 
    • Let the salted meat sit for one full hour at room temperature. Salt will naturally draw  juices to the surface. By allowing a full hour the juice will begin to reabsorb, drawing the salt back in with it. This allows the meat to be tenderized and seasoned throughout.
    • Rinse the salt coating off with cool water. Pat meat dry with a paper towel. Water left on the meat will steam it and prevent a good sear. Excess water can also cause the oil in the skillet to splatter. (Salt may be left on for a saltier taste.)
  • A common mistake made when cooking grass fed meat is over cooking and drying it out, making it tough. Always use an accurate digital thermometer and the temperature guidelines table.
    • Preheat your cast iron skillet or dutch oven
    • Coat your skillet with lard, grapeseed oil or peanut oil (These oils are stable at higher temperatures.)
    • Heat the pan until the oil just begins to smoke a little. Have a snug fitting lid ready. This will be used to finish the meat once it has been seared, but is also a safety measure, as the skillet can quickly be covered if the oil accidentally overheats and ignites.
    • Always turn the meat with tongs or a spatula, instead of using a fork. Poking the meat will cause the loss of precious juices thus drying out the meat.
    • Sear every side of your meat. (At least 6 sides.) We want to develop a rich brown crust. This crust will help lock in the juices and retain moisture as it cooks.
    • After searing, reduce temperature to low and cover with a lid. Finish to desired doneness by following the Cooking Temperature chart at left.
  • When you are finished cooking allow it to rest.
    • Rest on a warm plate covered with foil for about 5 minutes before cutting or serving. 
    • This rest period allows the muscle fibers to relax and evenly redistributes juices throughout. 
    • ENJOY!
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Tips for Cooking 44 Magnum Grass Fed Meats